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Last updates: 2001/08/03


Applyable: 205/206/206VL/225

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At first, Win2k isn't supported 'Upgrade Install' from WinMe. You should install Win2k using 'Crean Install' option. If you use 'Upgrade Install' from WinMe, you'll take many many ERRORs at running on Win2k.

[IMPORTANT] I recommend save to FIVA's HDD any drivers you need (common drivers and drivers you need (NIC, PCMCIA Storage etc.)) for Win2k.

Before setup, copy i386 folder on Win2k's CD-ROM to HDD (ex. C:\i386). Then execute C:\i386\winnt32.exe.

[Tips] You can install by 'unnecessary CD-ROM option' from Win2k's CD-ROM. Use x:\i386\winnt32.exe /makelocalsource option ('x:' is your CD-ROM drive letter).

After install

Win2k will running on 'VGA and No-sound'.

[Tips] If you're using FIVA on 'Over 192MB RAM' (ex. Total 320MB RAM using by 256MB SO-DIMM module), some memory module cause BLUE-BACK ERROR. In this case, try REMOVE YOUR THIRDPARTY'S MEMORY MODULE.

How to get drivers

Display driver (SMI LynxEM+):
Go to, then you can get driver at 'Support' section.
Sound driver (ALi Audio Wave):
You can get from 'CASSIOPEIA FIVA Product Recovery CD-ROM' or Pre-installed WinMe's folder. Location of files on WinMe's folder is here:
  • C:\Windows\Inf\ALiADWDM.inf (Original file name is ALiOEM7.inf).
  • C:\Windows\Options\Cabs\
  • C:\Windows\Options\Cabs\ALiPanel.cpl
  • C:\Windows\Options\Cabs\ALiSndMg.exe
  • C:\Windows\Options\Cabs\ALiADWDM.sys
Or use this package (Self-Extract package). This package generated from WinMe's folder.
[or NOT recommend] You can get driver at on 'Drivers' section, but CAN'T FOUND Modem device if you use this driver.
Mouse driver (IBM TrackPoint IV):
You can found at 'CASSIOPEIA FIVA Product Recovery CD-ROM' on \sysutil\trackpnt\win2k\.
Modem driver (Lucent Soft Modem AMR):
After install Sound driver, go to Windows Update and run update. Then maybe you'll find this driver at 'Device Driver' section.
[or] Use this package (Self-Extract package). Use this driver at found Modem device on installing Sound driver.

[Note] If insufficient IRQ on your machine, disable 'Secondary IDE channel'.

Other notes

If you want control LongRun frequency, Try 'FIVACtrl 2' and recernt patch ( But current version need setting upped Japanese Language and fonts on your environment (Use 'Regional Option' on Control Panel and add Japanese Language). English version still under construction.

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